What We Publish

We want to publish work that excites and challenges. Work with formal and intellectual rigor. Work with heart, a real core that heats it from its core. We want to publish daring work, which is to say work that dares us to be more and better than we are right now. We want to publish work by people who have been told no one wants to hear from them because someone does—we do.

We hope to publish two full-length (48-70 pages) and two chapbook-length (20-40 pages) collections of poetry over the course of our first year. While we will publish as much of the best work that comes our way as we can, we would love to publish one debut full-length collection, one second or third full-length collection, and two bilingual chapbooks (especially looking to publish works by Latinx and Indigenous writers).

How to Submit

If you feel ready to commit to the work required to be published by a micropress, please do send your work to editor [at] skullandwindpress [dot] org.

Please use one of the following subject lines for your email depending on the kind of manuscript you’re submitting:




Please include a third person bio and attach your manuscript as a PDF.

A Small Request

While we never want to charge for submissions, as we get started, every little bit helps. If you submit a manuscript and feel you can afford it, we would really appreciate a small donation to us through Fractured Atlas (suggested $5-$20) to get Skull + Wind on solid footing. Donations neither harm nor help your chances at being published—that’s down to the work.